Announcement: Does Wartrol Work?

That was the question I wanted an answer to when I was deciding whether to try this product or not. By the way, this is my brutally honest review of Wartrol.

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Okay, so I was looking for some reviews and opinions on this product and all I found was either people loving it, or people saying it was a scam. A lot of emotions and not a lot of facts. So, I decided to put up this blog to give you my opinion. From a regular guy who actually tried it.

I’m not going to tell you where I live, or any of that. If you are reading this, you know that having genital warts is embarrassing.  So, I’ll tell you what happened to me, and that’s it.

I’m not a trained doctor, scientist or advocate of the big drug companies so don’t assume that what happened to me will happen to you. This is my story, period.

Here’s the full version of “my story”.

Does This Work: Part One

I found the first “bump” on my penis around the age of 27. I was in denial for a while because the genital wart actually went away for a while. I was lucky. I dated a lady for some time and when I told I thought I had herpes or something she told me she thought she did too.

We tried quite of few of the home remedies, lotions and potions over the next few years. Some helped, but nothing cured us completely. We both went quite a few months without a breakout and thought we had cured our genital warts. But, inevitably, they returned.

Looking back on those early days, we were incredibly naive and uninformed. By not doing more sooner the warts would re-appear and spread and get larger. We had no idea what caused our warts, or what HPV was back then.

If you have just recently discovered you have genital warts PLEASE do something about it quickly. It DOESN’T go away, it only gets worse! (okay, back to the story…..)

My naivety quickly came smashing down when my marriage ended in divorce. Suddenly I was thinking about dating again. And I had a deep secret that was stopping me from getting too close or intimate with anyone. I need to get some information and see if I could get rid of my genital warts.

After a few more potions and creams I decided to try Wartrol. You’ll read lots of varying opinions on the internet. After reading post after post about this genital wart remedy I decided to order it and give it a shot. After all, the only thing I had to lose at this point was a few dollars, or my genital warts.

If, at this point, you are expecting me to tell you that I woke up after the first day and I was cured, I’m not going to. As a matter of fact, I was pretty confident I’d wasted my money and been scammed. But, I decided to follow the instructions and “stay with the program” and hopefully I’d be proven wrong.

Their was this little voice in the back of my head saying things like “you ordered it online, of course it won’t work“, and “why isn’t it a prescription drug if it works so well“. It’s amazing how we talk ourselves out of things. I read a blog post that said it couldn’t work because “no oral spray has ever been proven effective for any condition, ever.” Of course, later I found out that statement was completely false. But when you have doubt, one comment like that was all it took for me to consider stopping. I’m glad I didn’t, and I’m glad I kept going to see how it worked for me.  (But, to be honest, I don’t know why I stuck with it)

That mis-information almost convinced me to stop trying it without finishing it. That is the only reason I’m writing this blog.

After a few months I realized I hadn’t seen or felt a wart in a while.

Over time I’ve started to believe that this works. (or at least it has so far!)

So, Does Wartrol Really Work? Am I Cured?

I really don’t know. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen a wart. That’s exciting for me. I’m not nervous about pursuing a relationship with a woman now.

Will Wartrol Work For Everyone???

I’m not sure if it’s the answer for you to eliminate genital warts from your life.  So far, so good for me. I urge you to visit the manufacturers website and consider  giving it a try. If you go for the “free trial” make sure you read the details and fine print.  I did some research on the company and they’ve been selling this stuff for almost 10 years. That should give you some security knowing it’s not some offshore shell corporation formed 4 months ago.  This is an American company on US soil.

If I found out that a friend or relative had this problem I’d recommend they try it, period!

But then again, this is just my personal Wartrol review and I hope it helps you make an informed decision.

Thanks, and good luck (and good health)


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PS: Seriously, if you are like me, you don’t really care right now if this product will help everyone. You want to know if it will help YOU. The only way to know if it will help YOU is to actually try it, like I did. You are the only person who can answer “Does It Work For You?”

Announcement: My Wartrol Review

I am NOT a health expert.  I’m not a doctor, medical professional or scientist so all your getting is my personal experience.  This is my personal, layperson review of the Wartrol Genital Wart Remover.

If you were searching for the manufacturer’s site click here.

I had a genital wart problem and I wanted to get rid of it. I didn’t want to go for the laser option or have them burnt off with some crazy lotion or needle, so I looked for another alternative.  I found a lot of chatter on the internet about this remedy.

There was a lot of contradictory comments and misinformation about this product. I decided the only way to figure out whether it worked, or not, was to try it.

It’s not an overnight cure. I stayed with the program through the recommended period (I think it was almost 6 months) and I haven’t had a problem since. It was simple and painless. The oral spray didn’t taste great, but I’ve tasted worse.

product shot

I must say, at least at this point, I think this product has really done the trick for me. To read more details of the good and bad you can read this post (Does Wartrol Work?)

Why I Almost Didn’t Do This Test

The biggest problem I had with this product was actually deciding to order it. Their website looks like all those others that offer “risk free trials” and showed people hugging etc.,  I would have just preferred a simple order form with some facts. But, that is my preference. The website made me skeptical, but the product did exactly what it was advertised to do. I found a lot of other similar review websites, but nothing that convinced me until I tried it for myself.

My  Conclusion

For me, Wartrol  has fixed a problem. I was recently divorced and looking at getting back into dating. This product has taken a burden off my mind, and made it possible for me to consider dating again.

I wish you good luck

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UPDATE: This product has really helped me, however, don’t take just my word for it. The only way to discover whether it will work for you is to do your own independent trial, and your own review.

Announcement: Where Can You Buy Wartrol?

I was in a hurry to this product. When I first learned about this solution,  I did what most guys my age, who find out they have warts on their genital does.  I drove very quickly to my local pharmacy to buy some.

I waited till there wasn’t anyone else waiting for, or being served by the pharmacist. I approached her (of course it was an older woman!) and asked her if she stocked Wartrol.

She informed me that they didn’t sell it and suggested I look at some things in “aisle 9”, or make an appointment with my doctor.

I went to “aisle 9” and bought a topical creme which was advertised to remove warts (genital or otherwise) in a few weeks. Went to the front of the store and  I’m sure the cashier (another woman, of course!) was looking down on me.

Got the product home, applied it. I’m not sure what was worse, the smell (Lilacs I think), or the burning that lasted almost an hour.

I went online to find out where I could buy  Wartrol.

Turns out it’s sold ONLY online. This is good and bad in my opinion.

Why Order It Online?

First, I’m glad that we can buy Wartrol directly from the manufacturer and not a ton of questionable sources. This way I was sure I was getting the original product. I’ve heard horror stories of people by medications online from offshore pharmacies and being delivered products that contains zero ingredients of the actual medicine.

Apparently, this is even worse with many supplements and anti-aging products.  (I remember reading a story about a guy who purchased some Echinacea online and had it tested. It had ZERO Echinicea in it!)  So, for that reason, I was glad that I could purchase it directly from the manufacturer.

The Problem With Not Being Able To Buy It From A Local Store?

I wasn’t thrilled to find out that I couldn’t buy Wartrol at the local drugstore. I had to wait for delivery. Although it didn’t take long, I would have preferred to start using it immediately. I had made a promise to myself not start dating seriously until I’d found a solution to my problem, and I was very anxious to try this product.

Has it worked for me? You can read my complete story and review here.

And, if you would like to try it for yourself, here’s the link to order it.

Announcement: Is Wartrol a Scam?

And what exactly is this scam?

I found these questions was being asked a lot when I was surfing around trying to decide whether to try this wart solution,  or not. It’s amazing the amount of contradictory information you can find in just a few minutes of visiting forums, blogs and Google.

Here’s what I was able to figure out from all the things I read. (and my experience)

First, this product is actually a homeopathic, all natural product so it isn’t regulated by the FDA. Some people said that because it doesn’t have FDA approval stamp on it can’t work, and therefore, it must be a scam. Well, cucumbers aren’t FDA approved and they get rid of bags and dark circles under my eyes? The fact is that the FDA only “approves” drugs, and Wartol isn’t considered a drug.

Second, many people said they tried it for a while and didn’t get any results. The truth is that the application instructions say you should use it for the complete period to get the desired results (ie. no more genital warts). I couldn’t find anyone who said they tried it for 5-6 months and still thought it was a scam.

Third, there’s the “free trial” offer.  This seems to be really common with a lot of the homeopathic products being sold on the internet today.

This wart removal treatment is being sold through manufacturer’s website that occasionally offers  “free trial“.  Personally, I prefer the offers were you buy Wartrol and get one or two bottles extra at no charge.

Sorry, back to the “free trial”.  In the details of the web page it states that if you don’t return your “free sample” with a certain amount of time, they’ll charge your credit card for the full amount, and they’ll continue to ship you a monthly supply until you cancel. Personally, I read the details before I buy anything online. I knew what I was sending away for when I ordered some.  And, I decided to go with a straight purchase (which included a few extra bottles) instead of going for the “free trial”.

Who Is Reporting This And Calling It A Scam?

Most of the comments I read regarding this treatment being a scam came from people who were furious that there credit card got charged after their free trial.

If you want to call that a scam, then go ahead. I certainly think many of these offers should be a little more transparent about what their “free trial” really means. To me, I never think I’m getting anything for “free”, so I read the fine print, re-read the details and then make a decision. I’m glad I bought and tried it . It eliminated a big problem for me.

Then again, I read the website and checked the details before I tried it.

wartrol scam

So, Is Wartrol A Scam?

I guess it depends on your expectations. If you want a solution to your genital wart problem I think it’s a great product. If you want something for nothing, you probably won’t be pleased. They actually charge for this product.

And personally, I would have paid a lot more for the results I got! For me, it worked and I can’t say that I fell victim to any sort of scam.

Announcement: What Causes Genital Warts?

Genital warts are one of the most common kinds of STD’s. Basically they are ugly contagious bumps on your genitals or anus. It is thought that you get genital warts through sexual contact with someone infected by the human papilloma virus (HPV). They can also infect the inside of the vagina, cervix and rectum.

Personally, I was completely freaked out when my first wart appeared on my privates!

Apparently, there is currently over a hundred different types of HPV that may cause warts, but only a few of these can cause genital warts. Those that do cause these genital warts are really, really contagious. The most common type of HPV that cause this condition are HPV6 and HPV11. It is possible for someone to have HPV an not know it. If they haven’t had a genital wart outbreak yet, they can infect without ever knowing they did so!

The best way to protect yourself from this is obviously chastity. But in the real world, I suggest you use a condom and take whatever other precautions you might think necessary, especially with “new” partners.

The percentages of young girls tested for HPV show alarming infection rates (and they say it’s increasing at an alarming rate). In England one study found that ten percent of teenage girls have HPV by age sixteen. And another US study found that twenty six percent of teenage girls (age 14-19) have at least one STD!

Some of those infected have “outbreaks” on a very frequent basis. For others, breakouts might be less frequent and these people can go many months without a single genital wart.

The pain, embarrassment and social stigma that goes along with having genital warts is socially crippling!

I’ve created this blog to document my personal experiences trying a product called Wartrol. Over the next weeks and months I’ll let you know whether it works, or not.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you got them, or what causes genital warts, it’s how you get rid of them.

what causes genital warts